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Third-Party Inspection Services

We deliver the highest standards of integrity and transparency. Our whole process is driven by our core values.

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The Essence of Third-Party Inspection

NosVindico offers unparalleled third-party inspection services. Hire us for technical inspection, verification, testing, and conformity assessment for industrial markets.

We value complete independence, transparency, and integrity. It sets the foundation for us to provide top-notch services of the highest quality to our esteemed clients.

Our team ensures the quality and performance of products or installations meet all applicable requirements. We always keep you in the loop and deliver actionable insights to address all concerns.

Reduce failures and prevent downtime with our inspection services. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

Categories of Our Service

Explore our services to get a better idea of our capabilities. Below is a snapshot of what we deliver:

  • In-process inspection: Ensure quality and conformity at every stage of production
  • Statutory and voluntary inspections: Comply with regulations and meet voluntary standards
  • Material testing and non-destructive testing (NDT): Advanced testing methods to evaluate material integrity

We can help you create a safe working environment to conserve assets and life. 

Overview of Third-Party Inspections

Below is a look at our wide array of services:

Design Appraisal and Verification: Evaluating design efficiency and compliance.

Document Verification: Ensuring accuracy and completeness of documentation.

Electrical equipment inspection: Verifying the integrity and performance of electrical equipment.

Electrical installations inspection: Assessing the quality and safety of electrical installations.

Factory acceptance test: Confirming the quality and functionality of equipment.

Inspection and audits: Conducting thorough inspections and audits to guarantee compliance.

Evaluation of used machinery: Assessing the condition and reliability of used machinery.

Additional Services

Here is a look at some of our additional services for businesses and industries:

  • Vendor assessment: Ensuring qualified vendors for procurement
  • Engineering design review: Assessing the efficiency and compliance of designs
  • Shop and site inspection: Conducting stage and final inspections to guarantee quality
  • Witnessing performance tests: Upholding the performance and reliability of industrial systems
  • Pre-shipment inspection: Verifying the quality of goods before they are shipped

Leverage Our Expertise

NosVindico’s inspections surpass conventional standards. We help you improve the quality, efficiency, and integrity of your investments. Contact us today to achieve excellence in industrial quality assurance. 

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