Structural Design, Drawing & Vetting

Civil Structural Design

Excellence in Structural Engineering with meticulous design, drawing, and vetting for enduring infrastructures.

Beyond the Blueprint

Resilient Foundations

Complete infrastructure solution

Care from the inception

NosVindico provides architectural and civil engineering solution for your infrastructure from the very inception. Etching the basic understanding of your requirement  in a tangible tailor made design is what we care for. And not only the structural design (with or without architectural drawing) we transform these thoughts into workable drawings, and digital modelling such as STAD.

We ensure to equip you with a building structure which is safe and sound. Our team has the best affiliation in the country so far as the structural vetting is concerned. Authentic vetting report from reputed institutional affiliation is provide for the satisfaction of our customers.

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Which segments benefit most

Our structural design, drawing and vetting services are suited for vide range of projects meeting your need. You can choose one or many services as per your requirement. It is never late to test the buildings for structural safety and better occupancy. 

Few  industries that has benefited from our services:

  • Housing
  • Aerospace
  • Manufacturing
  • Energy
  • Infrastructure
  • Oil and gas
  • Construction

Best of the country

We are proud to announce here that we provide one of the best structural design, drawing and vetting in the country, since our team has experts affiliated to best organizations which conduct such analysis and vetting.  

  • Perfection:Expert intervention which makes the difference
  • Integrity:The emblem and certification itself proves for the highest quality
  • Reliability: Perfection and integrity of structural service makes it trustworthy
  • Flexibility:Necessary service is provided according to the requirement of the project

How does it help

NosVindico’s structural solutions is the secret to excellence and superior operations. It can lay the foundation for business success, reducing recurrent maintenance, repair and management anomalies related to safety and compliance.

  • Early care: Identify flaws at the paper stage itself and come up with better design
  • Robustness:Any infrastructure is built to stay for years hence its robustness cannot be compromised, how to test that is something that we ensure you with
  • Safety assurance:Rigorous structural design and vetting is the key to ultimate safe buildings
  • Certification: We provide the consultancy as per highest industry standards

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