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Electrical Consultants

Electricity is a form of energy which is invisible yet powerful enough to bring down human life with as minimal as 300mA.  Most of us think, that it is easy to design and why pay extra to hire a consultant!   With an experience of more than 40 years across various fields, we have clients across various fields and spheres who are repetitive with their requirements. We have been a partner for several companies and have been an integral part of their growth stories with our services and expertise. We spend time to listen to your requirements and detail which might be apparently irrelevant to a commoner. We offer complete solutions for HV Substations, Distribution Network and sub distributions, Energy Management, Energy Monitoring- Remote and local, Cabling, LV Solutions, LAN, WAN, like latest IP based CCTV, PA system, LoRa network design. We help our clients to understand why and how they are going to benefit from our product selections during the process of Designing.  We believe in educating our clients about their decision in product selections along with Importance of Safety in their facilities. We try to incorporate our experience and expertise of regulations, Standards and various factors of Safety in our design. We aim for cost saving through reduced downtime of our designs and value engineering rather than suggesting something blindly. Our charges are fractional to the amount of effort and knowledge we impart in each and every assignment.  

Engineering design calculations for electrical, civil, structural, and mechanical works catered to meet the electrical design needs of factories.

The following design calculations are available for submission in relation to various projects:

1. Analysis of load flow, fault levels, transformer size, breaker size, and motor starting requirements.
2. Calculation of earthing in compliance with standards such as IS 3043, IEEE 80, and BS 7430.
3. Computation of direct stroke lightning protection (DSLP) using the Rolling sphere method and associated risk assessments.
4. Calculation of sizing requirements for CT, CVT, and PT.
5. Assessment of voltage drop for power cables.
6. Determination of short circuit forces for strung bus in switchyards.
7. Calculation of sag, tension, and stringing charts for strung bus in switchyards.
8. Analysis of short circuit forces and cantilever strength for rigid tubular bus in switchyards and BPI.
9. Calculation of relay settings and creation of setting charts using ETAP software or manual calculations through Excel.
10. Evaluation of indoor and outdoor lighting requirements, as well as road lighting using Dialux software.
11. Determination of appropriate sizing for LV AC and DC breakers.
12. Calculating the required transformer size using either ETAP software or manual calculations through Excel.
13. Assessment of ACSR conductor and Aluminium tube bus sizing requirements.
14. Civil design calculations for buildings and equipment/structure foundations.
15. Structural design calculations for lattice or pipe-type support structures, gantry towers, beams, and transmission line towers using Staad software.
17. Design calculations for air conditioning and ventilation systems.
18. Analysis of design requirements for firefighting systems, hydrants, high-velocity water spray systems, water curtains, and fire curtain design.

We provide comprehensive design and consultancy services for the control and supervision of construction projects related to substations and transmission lines, along with project management services specifically for substations up to 132 KV.

Service portfolio consists of:

Design Phase:

1. Review of Client’s requirements, Contractor’s Shop drawings, site Adaptations, manuals, and technical literature.
2. Suggesting means of improving the Contractor’s design methods and standards in order to expedite the completion of the Design and re-engineering phase of the project.
3. Quality control of the Manufacturing process and Monitor drawings as per the requirements of the technical specifications and contract agreement.
4. Suggesting the Contractor on proper Shop drawing. documentation of design Changes and drawings as per site adaptation and feasibility study
5. Project Documentation and Change Management on dedicated Project Management software.

Our services include a thorough review of the client’s requirements, contractor’s shop drawings, site adaptations, manuals, and technical literature. We also suggest ways to improve the contractor’s design methods and standards to accelerate the design and re-engineering phase of the project. Additionally, we ensure quality control during the manufacturing process and monitor drawings to meet the requirements of the technical specifications and contract agreement. We provide guidance to contractors on proper shop drawing documentation for design changes and drawings based on site adaptation and feasibility study. Finally, we manage project documentation and changes using dedicated project management software.

B. Erection, Testing, and Commissioning Period:

A system of construction management that incorporates the coordination of inputs and resources in order to achieve the primary goals of timely project completion, cost control, and quality assurance.

Services covered under Construction Management; Erection & Commissioning include the following:

1. Resources Identification
2. Formulating a responsive project Organization structure
3. Review of Construction schedules
4. Supervision during Civil and allied structural Construction and Equipment Erection
5. Safe
6. Conducting Construction Quality Audits, monitoring, and corrective actions
7. Identification and removal of bottlenecks
8. Monitoring overall construction schedule and independent assessment
9. Pre-commissioning and commissioning procedures
10. Review of PG test procedure & witnessing
11. Review of Operation Manuals
12. Guiding the Contractor on how to manage the site mark-up drawings
13. Review and approval of As-Built drawings
14. Certification of Contractor’s invoices
15. Progress reporting with site photos and Gantt charts
16. Closing on the Authority Approvals and Permissions for Operations.

Our construction management, erection, and commissioning services encompass a wide range of activities including resource identification, formulation of a responsive project organization structure, review of construction schedules, supervision during civil and allied structural construction and equipment erection, ensuring safety protocols are followed, conducting construction quality audits, identifying and removing bottlenecks, monitoring overall construction schedules, pre-commissioning and commissioning procedures, reviewing PG test procedures and witnessing, reviewing operation manuals, guiding contractors on managing site mark-up drawings, reviewing and approving as-built drawings, certifying contractor invoices, providing progress reporting with site photos and Gantt charts, and closing authority approvals and permissions for operations. We strive to ensure that every aspect of the project is thoroughly reviewed and monitored to achieve successful completion on time and within budget.

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